Monkey Cage Post

My research about renewables investments and why governments are loving it was featured at Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog. The research is based on our forthcoming Journal of Politics piece with the title “It’s All about Political Incentives: Demcracy and the Renewable Feed-in Tariff.”

Director of MSc/MRes programs in International Relations

As of March 2016, I have taken over as Director/Convener of the MSc/MRes programs in International Relations at Glasgow’s School of Social and Political Sciences. I serve as academic point of contact for anyone interested in joining our taught postgraduate programs.

New Job at University of Glasgow

As of yesterday, I started my new position as Lecturer/ Assistant Professor in International Relations in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow. I am delighted about the opportunities and challenges this new job entails and about working for such a well respected institution which dates back to 1451.

I will be teaching an Honours level course on “Global Environmental Politics” and a postgraduate seminar on “Challenges in International Politics.” I am excited about these two classes and about interacting with my students here in Glasgow: Fàilte gu Glaschu!

Environmental Politics and Governance Conference

My paper on firm compliance in European carbon markets was accepted as conference paper for the 2nd Annual Conference on Environmental Politics & Governance, to be held in Gerzensee, Switzerland, June, 16-19, 2016. I look very much forward to this event, which is possibly the most recent effort to promote analytically and empirically rigorous environmental research.

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