Upcoming MPSA and EPSA conferences

I am excited to present my work at MPSA (April 6-9, 2017) and EPSA (June 22-24, 2017) as the next two upcoming conference events. I will be presenting revised versions of my work on firm compliance in European carbon markets (MPSA) and on country differences in multilateral agreements (EPSA). I will also present my co-authored paper (with Michael Aklin) on estimating direct, indirect, and total effects at both conferences. I look forward to seeing you and many good discussions!

Conference paper accepted at PEIO

My methods paper “How Can We Estimate the Effectiveness of Institutions? Solving the Post-Treatment versus Omitted Variable Bias Dilemma”, joint with Michael Aklin (Pittsburgh) was accepted for presentation at next year’s Political Economy of International Organizations (PEIO) conference at the University of Bern, January 12-14, 2017. I look forward to comments on our work and seeing many (old) friends again. See you all in Switzerland!

Environmental Politics and Governance Conference

My paper on firm compliance in European carbon markets was accepted as conference paper for the 2nd Annual Conference on Environmental Politics & Governance, to be held in Gerzensee, Switzerland, June, 16-19, 2016. I look very much forward to this event, which is possibly the most recent effort to promote analytically and empirically rigorous environmental research.

Conference Participation at ISA 2016

My own paper on firm non-compliance with international treaties and my joint project with Michael Aklin (Pittsburgh) on the effectiveness of international regulation in the context of European carbon markets were both accepted for presentation at the next ISA Annual Convention in Atlanta in March 2016. I will also be serving as chair and discussant in two panels on “Transnational Institutionalization” and “Global Governance & Climate Change.” I look forward to interesting talks, discussions, and great networking opportunities. See you there!

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