Blog posts about results from solar microgrid study

We discuss the results from our solar microgrid study in light of broader challenges for rural electrification in two recently published blog posts. One is available from the Ideas for India (I4I) website and the other one from VoxDev. Check these out and let us know what you think!

Barras Market of Social Sciences

As part of ESRC’s Festival of Social Sciences, I was part of a team of University of Glasgow scholars to showcase their research to the general public last weekend at the Barras Market in Glasgow’s east end. I had a “market stall” to tell people about emissions trading, what it is, how it works, and why it may be a good thing. Most surprising insights from the day were that: (i) many had heard about it, (ii) few knew how it works, (iii) many were surprised the policy is actually used (in Europe and the UK), and (iv) everyone felt prices are too low. Definitely an interesting experience!

Ian Duncan visits UofG

It was a great pleasure to host Ian Duncan, MEP, as part of my Global Environmental Politics class to talk to students about the Politics of Climate Change. Ian has been Member of the European Parliament since May 2014, serves on the Parliament’s Environment Committee, and is the Conservative Spokesperson for energy and climate change in the EP. His inspiring talk emphasized the importance of distributional consequences, how difficult the transition to a low-carbon economy is, and why people are not ready (yet?) for emissions trading to work. Everyone felt extremely pleased to have Ian join us!

Conference paper accepted at PEIO

My methods paper “How Can We Estimate the Effectiveness of Institutions? Solving the Post-Treatment versus Omitted Variable Bias Dilemma”, joint with Michael Aklin (Pittsburgh) was accepted for presentation at next year’s Political Economy of International Organizations (PEIO) conference at the University of Bern, January 12-14, 2017. I look forward to comments on our work and seeing many (old) friends again. See you all in Switzerland!

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