Paper out in Science Advances

Our paper about the socioeconomic effects of basic energy access in rural India has been published with Science Advances. Based on a randomized controlled trial, we find that basic lighting reduces household’s kerosene use, but the effects on local development are small. The University of Glasgow issues a press release and The Economist picked up on the story.

Excellent News: Paper accepted at Journal of Politics

My paper, joint with Johannes Urpelainen from Columbia University, “It’s All About Political Incentives: Democracy and the Renewable Feed-In Tariff” was accepted for publication at the Journal of Politics. Replication data and additional materials are available from my website (as always) and from the Journal of Politics Dataverse.

New Publications

Our papers titled “Quantifying Slum Electrification in India and Explaining Local Variation” and “The Political Economy of Energy Access: Survey Evidence from India on State Intervention and Public Opinion” are in press and forthcoming with Energy and Energy Research and Social Science, respectively. Both papers are co-authored with Michaël Aklin (Pittsburgh), S.P. Harish (NYU), and Johannes Urpelainen (Columbia University).

Forthcoming Paper in Economics of Governance

Our paper titled “Information and Energy Policy Preferences: A Survey Experiment on Public Opinion about Electricity Pricing Reform in Rural India” was accepted for publication with Economics of Governance. In this paper, we find strong survey experimental evidence that rural villagers are willing to support electricity pricing reform if they are provided with information about the important link between higher prices and the reliability of service. The paper is co-authored with Michaël Aklin (Pittsburgh), S.P. Harish (NYU), and Johannes Urpelainen (Columbia University).

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