New Publication in International Environmental Agreements

My paper titled “Explaining Differences in Sub-National Patterns of Clean Technology Transfer to China and India” is forthcoming in International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics. Joint work with Johannes Urpelainen from Columbia University and Alice Xu from Harvard University, this paper investigates subnational patterns of CDM allocation in the two largest host countries and finds stark differences in governmental approaches to the CDM, with important implication for technology transfer.

New Publication with Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy

Our paper titled “Laissez Faire and the Clean Development Mechanism: Determinants of Project Implementation in Indian States, 2003-2011″ has been accepted for publication in Clean Technologies and Environment Policy. We find that profitable climate mitigation opportunities and political stability best explain subnational variation in patterns of CDM allocation across Indian states.

Paper Forthcoming in Climate and Development

My paper “Small and Beautiful? The Programme of Activities and Least Developed Countries,” co-authored with Valerie Pinkerton (Environmental Law Institute) and Johannes Urpelainen (Columbia University) was accepted for publication in Climate and Development. This paper examines differences in allocation patterns of conventional CDMs and PoAs and their impact on sustainable development.

New Publication with Environmental Economics and Policy Studies

Our joint paper, titled “Who Blames Corruption for the Poor Enforcement of Environmental Laws? Survey Evidence from Brazil” was accpeted for publication with Environmental Economics and Policy Studies. This paper is co-authored with Michaël Aklin (NYU), S.P. Harish (NYU), and Johannes Urpelainen (Columbia University).

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